LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group’s priority has always been to make use of the mobile
revolution to provide our customers with a safe and entertaining experience.
Since LeoVegas’ inception, responsible gaming has been an important feature of the company’s
culture, with awareness about and promotion of responsible gaming woven into the
fabric of the company.

“I feel privileged to be in a position where I am able to honour the duty of
care our industry holds towards our customers”

Amina (Senior responsible gaming agent)


Everyone at LeoVegas is keenly aware of the duty of care we have to all our customers and the gambling community as a whole. What do we mean by duty of care? We are aware that the product we offer can have a negative impact on the lives of a small but significant portion of our customer base. We feel that it is our duty to minimise the risks associated with gambling by providing you with information on how to identify these risks and equipping you with the tools necessary to take control of your situation. We are with you all the way, ready to offer practical advice or simply to listen!

We work closely with our social responsibility partners to promote responsible gaming practices within the community, and donate annually to the Responsible Gaming Trust maintained by GambleAware. Our hope is that, as the industry continues to grow, operators’ duty of care will also grow, leading to increased awareness about responsible gambling and more help for those who need it.

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