An underage person I know is gambling online

Stepping in

Underage gambling is something which all online casinos take very seriously. Most countries prohibit any gambling by individuals under the age of 18. If you are aware of a minor who is gambling online, we would strongly encourage you to intervene, and we are here to guide you throughout this process.

We urge you to intervene not only because underage gambling is illegal, but also because exposure to gambling at a young age may put the minor at serious risk of developing a gambling addiction later on in life. We have collected some useful information below so that we may begin tackling this problem together.

What are the dangers associated with underage gambling?

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more likely to develop a gambling addiction if introduced to gambling while underage

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of those studied had seen a gambling advertisement on TV more than once per week

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of the underage gamblers did so for the first time to try and make money

Contacting operator

Informing the operator of the fact that a minor may be using their service is an important step. It is important to provide the operator with as much information as possible, as this will help them to locate the account and take action. Keep in mind that operators are forbidden by law from providing you with any information about customers’ accounts, but this does not mean that you cannot provide them with information.

Once they receive the information, most operators will act quickly to verify the age of the individual by requesting a form of photo ID, and may even restrict access to the account until this process is complete.

Parental control

NetNanny and CyberSitter offer software which will allow you as parents to restrict your children’s access to online casinos.

This robust solution will serve as a layer of protection between your children and online gambling, will help put your mind at ease while you contact the operator’s your child might have been playing with.

Contact us

We fully support your decision to intervene. If you require any more information about the best way to do so, please contact us. We are always here to help!